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I purchased cabinets made in the USA by DEBUT. They are made in Alabama.

As a consumer, I was *** not to ask to see a complete cabinet before I purchased...I'll admit that. However, having purchased cabinets before, the thought never occurred to me that the cabinet drawers could ever be so small. (i.e. a 24" base cabinet drawer, has an inside usable space of 17"...the gliding system take up 6" on each side including the back, plus the material the cabinets are made with is 3/4" wide, taking up 3" front and back.

In other words a usable drawer measures 19" wide and not as long as it should be.

Also, the drawers are only 2" deep, there is no space between the top of the drawer to the bottom of the drawer opening!!! Buyer Beware!!!

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If you knew anything about cabinets, the construction of debut cabinetry is exactly the same as all other semi custom manufactured cabinets. Your measurements do not even add up.

There is not a drawer glide on earth that is 6" wide. Sounds like you bought the value line if you have shallow drawers. Customers buy those to save as much money as they can. When you are doing that, you don't get the same cabinet as if you were to buy the mid to high end cabinet.

Sounds like you bought their Ford Pinto model but are complaining because it's not a Cadillac. Spend the extra $$ and I bet you can have the Cadillac.

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